OLSCA High School Process


Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the high school process for both catholic and public high school. This year the process will be fully digital including the various tests requried due to Covid-19. It is so important that you keep up with the deadlines set by the different divisons of schools. I encourage you to please consider in applying to both catholic and public schools. This allows you to have more options in picking a school. It would also be easier in the future for us to help you get into a school if families finacial status changes or if you change your discission at the end of the year. At any point through the process you need support, please feel free to contact us. 

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Feel free to check out some of the Catholic High School. 

Molloy High School


Cathedral Prep


St.Johns Prep


Xavier High School


Mclancey High School


Holy Cross High School