Lunch Applications, Immunizations

I am happy to tell you that the school lunch application for September is no available.  Every family must complete the lunch application, even if you do not wish your child to eat the school lunch.  The information on this application is used by other government agencies to determine the amount of money we receive for other services as well. These include Title I (academic support), Title III (English language support and materials), and technology (e-rate).  It is absolutely necessary for this information to be accurate.  The application is available online at .

It is also necessary for every student to have the appropriate vaccinations for his/her grade.  A new requirement for this year is that the 7th-graders need the meningococcal conjugate vaccine.   There is a complete list of immunizations at The rules about immunization are NYC law.  Y cannot change them, or wait until a later time.  You may bring your child’s vaccination record to school, or your doctor can fax the record to us at 718-651-5585.

Please don’t wait until the first day of school to take care of these things.  We don’t want to start the year off with children waiting in the cafeteria while we check on their papers.

We are here in the office if you need help. Please don’t hesitate to ask!