Financial Information

Financial Aid (Leer en español)

Tuition assistance is available! See our flyer here.

Financial aid is available for eligible students in grade K-8 who attend a Brooklyn or Queens Catholic School or Academy.

Families must meet financial eligibility requirements and be registered/enrolled for 2020-21 to be considered. No consideration will be given for a family who has not completed the enrollment process. Only completed financial aid applications will be considered.

TO APPLY: Go to the Scholarships page on the Futures in Education website. Note: Returning Teddy Forstmann recipients will receive instructions from Children’s Scholarship Fund. Do not apply through FACTS!

SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE: March 31, 2020 for families who received an award last academic year; April 30, 2020, for new families.

SUPPORT & HELP: FACTS has been selected by Futures in Education to conduct fair and confidential financial need assessments for families that may need assistance paying tuition.

  • FACTS Applicant Support: Phone 866-441-4637
  • M-Th 8:30am- 8pm Est / Fri 8:30am-6pm Est


2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR


New Student

Registration Fee    $ 225 per student

   (non-refundable)      $ 300 per family


Nursery  3 Year Old before 12/31/2019

                         Annual        Monthly   

Per Student         $4,500       $409.10


Pre-Kindergarten  4 Year Old before 12/31/2019

                      Annual        Monthly

Per Student         $2,950       $268.18


Grades K – 8

                      Annual        Monthly

1 Child              $5,050       $460


                      Annual        Monthly

2 Children           $7,300       $664


                      Annual        Monthly

3 Children           $9,000       $818


Each additional child will pay $1,750

  • Tuition paid in full before September 15th will receive a 5% discount applied after any scholarships received. 
  • $250 credit for each family you refer. The credit will apply with last payment of your tuition. Family has to be registered at time credit is applied.