Information technologies are infused into the entire curriculum.  Students do Internet research and prepare and present videos and other presentations.  They participate in curriculum-related webinars and Google Hangouts.  SMART Boards and their interactive programs are available in every room, and students can work along with the students at the SMART Board by using our subscription to Nearpod on our tablets.

Students begin to learn coding in PreK, and develop their skills as they program our robots (Sunburst’s Wonder Works Dot and Dash for grades PreK – 5, and the Lego robots for 6 – 8) and use programming language to create videos and games.  This not only teaches them the coding skills, but reinforces logical thinking, self-assessment, and persistence.

In addition to the SMART Boards, we have laptops, Chrome Books, and tablets available for use by every student, and a computer lab equipped with desktops and printers.

Students in Grades 5 – 8 use Google Classroom every day.  They become increasingly proficient at using these technologies for learning and creating rather than just playing games or texting.  They also participate in the iSafe curriculum, which helps them to be wise about online behavior, and work on information literacy as well.