Religion Program

Our Religion program

is based on the Diocesan curriculum, The Seed is the Word of God.  From our very youngest brothers and sisters through Grade 8, our students grow in knowledge of the Creed, the Sacraments, Catholic moral and social teaching, and prayer.  We use Sadlier’s We Believe series, and reinforce Church teachings about marriage and human sexuality through Benzinger’s Family Life program.

Students prepare to receive Holy Communion, Reconciliation, and Confirmation, and receive those Sacraments with their parish.  We celebrate Mass together on First Fridays and holy days of obligation.  Students receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation several times a year.  Everyone is expected to participate in Sunday worship in their own parish.

Service projects are an important part of our development as followers of Jesus.  Some of these projects, such as our food drive, toy drive, and Mite Box collection, are participated in by everyone.  Our recently confirmed students and those preparing for Confirmation perform additional acts of service in the Corona community and the larger community.  Most recently, they joined with the students in the OLS Parish Faith Formation program to plant trees at Jamaica Bay.

Throughout the year, students celebrate specific things they have learned with class days of recollection.  We pray the Rosary together as a school community during October and May.  Classes take turns leading prayer services during Advent and Lent, and at other appropriate times during the year.  The Confirmation class, First Communion class, and graduating Eighth Graders enjoy a retreat day.  Of course, every day begins and ends in prayer.