Our music program is led by a very skilled teacher.  Students learn about tempo, rhythm, dynamics, timbre and instruments, pitch, sound and silence as parts of composition, melody and harmony, voice and breath control, musical notation, and the many cultural influences on music.  They sing, move, and learn to play rhythm instruments when they are little, and then the recorder.

Our students are fortunate to participate in Carnegie Hall’s education programs.  Younger students are part of the Musical Explorers program.  They build basic music skills in the classroom’ learn songs from different cultures, reflect on their own communities, and develop singing and listening skills.  They have a wonderful time at two concerts during the year at Carnegie Hall, where professionals make connections among music, social studies, and literacy.  Older students learn about the orchestra, develop their skill at the recorder, and play with the orchestra in Carnegie Hall as part of the Link Up program.

Students have a chance to show off their singing, dancing, and collaborating knowledge at our Christmas Festival and Spring Extravaganza.