Early Childhood Program

PreK-3 – K

Our early childhood classes are taught by caring, energetic, well-qualified teachers, supported by bilingual aides. Every day, they pray and learn to grow closer to Jesus, Mary, and the Church.  Although it often looks as if they are “just playing,” the learning never stops.  Construction materials and puzzles develop problem-solving skills and lay the foundation for mathematical thinking and a “maker” mindset.  Dramatic play reinforces what they learn about God, as well as developing social studies concepts, interpersonal skills, and vocabulary. The children enjoy a wide variety of literature, observe and create visual art, sing, dance, act, and play instruments.  They learn about the world about them, and about their place in it.  Use of information systems, beginning to code, dictating and writing stories, and participating in physical education all help to “round out” the educational experience.